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Car Insurance

 What is CASCO ?
 Convinced of the usefulness and necessity of car insurance is no longer necessary. In conditions of intense motorization of the population most convincing arguments in favor of insurance - a daily summary of traffic police on the number of road accidents, and carjackings. More and more drivers, hoping for a better, feel more confident on the road to CASCO insurance policy.
 The urgency of CASCO CASCO insurance auto insurance in Ukraine - the most relevant and popular form of insurance in the Ukraine. This "popular" it provides several key factors:
 - Disappointing statistics for road accidents, both in Ukraine in general, and in major cities like Kiev, hence the greater the probability that the car owner may face high costs in repairing the car;
 - Constantly increasing cost of remotno and recovery operations and spare parts, especially in specialized stations;
 - Mandatory car insurance, purchased on credit at Casco motor insurance. CASCO insurance pay off all financial losses from the accident.
 What determines the cost of  CASCO  insurance?
The cost of  CASCO  insurance is determined individually depending on the brand, model, age and engine capacity of the vehicle, vehicle storage, measures the reliability of anti-theft devices, driving experience of people who have the right to manage the vehicle, the number of vehicles that are subject to insurance, etc. In most cases, CASCO insurance policy worth 5 - 12% of the value of the car.
 What are the risks covered by insurance  CASCO  insurance?
Full casco insurance protection guarantees in the event of a vehicle:
- Accident (car accident);
- Misappropriation (theft of the vehicle);
- Wrongful acts of third parties (vandalism, disorderly conduct);
- Fire, explosion, fire; - Natural disasters (flood, earthquake, etc.);
- Objects falling on cars (including snow and ice).
Also popular is the partial casco, which provides only partial insurance coverage. CASCO insurance coverage is valid according to the specified  CASCO  in the insurance contract, the franchise, which strongly affects the insurance rates and, accordingly, paid insurance payments.
What should I do if an accident occurred?
In the case of an event that can be classified as an accident, the owner of an insurance policy (contract) must:
1.Take all possible measures to rescue the vehicle, inform the law enforcement or other authorities and (in case of accident) to act in accordance with the requirements of the Rules of the road.
2. Get the insurance company to provide the necessary information identifying all the circumstances and the participants in the insurance case and the relevant institutions (Ministry of Internal Affairs divisions: GAI - in case of accident, the bodies of inquiry and preliminary investigation - in Abduction, PDTO; fire - a fire, hydrometeorological, Seismological Service - with spontaneous phenomenon, etc., or similar services when the insured event, which took place outside Ukraine).
3. When the insured event, or receive a message about an event that can be recognized as such, the Insured shall within 48 hours notify the insurer of the event, held by facsimile or telegraph messages, and for three days (excluding weekends and holidays days) in writing notify the insurer by submitting the application form prescribed by the Insurer, in person or by proxy. In the event of an insured event abroad - over 48 hours to notify the insurer of an event that took place with the help of a facsimile or telegraph messages, and for three days after returning to the territory of Ukraine (except holidays) in writing inform the the insurer by submitting the application form prescribed by the Insurer, in person or by proxy. The importance of the reasons for failure to do so must be proved by the Insured documented.
4. Agreeing on a place and time as necessary to provide a representative of the Insurer (authorized by the examiner) the ability to review the damaged vehicle or its parts (residue). At the same insurer within three working days (and beyond Ukraine - seven) may send a representative to review or give written consent to assess the damage suffered in his absence.
5. Provide the Insurer with all the necessary information and documentation to establish the causes and consequences of the insured event, and to take all possible measures to clarify these circumstances to ensure the realization of the right of claim against the person responsible for the damage loss (if there are grounds or preconditions for this.)
6. Do not start the repair work of renewing the Insurer without the consent of the venue for these works, their calculation and expert assessment of loss, within which shall be paid to the indemnity other than work related to the transportation vehicle.
                             5 MAJOR MISTAKES WHEN BUYING CASCO
 Watching every day, as people opt for a company to insure cheap car, you know that many do not fully understand the purpose and importance of insurance services for their personal financial well-being. Consequently, people tend to make common mistakes that can sometimes be very expensive. Among them are the 5 main and most typical mistakes:
1) The person does not understand why his insurance - this is especially characteristic of those who first acquired the car for the first time confronted with the necessity (or inevitability) of insurance. Not understanding why it is needed, people perceive insurance as something burdensome, costly, such as taxes. This is already largely determines how he will choose a company and conditions of car insurance.
2) the trust of potential clients - people do not understand the insurance issues, and especially not knowing the situation in the insurance market of transport, trying to find at least some reviews of insurance companies, as they work, Guarantees of payments. Often, due to time constraints, some of the natural laziness and, again, not knowing where and what exactly to look for, the client listens to the recommendations of friends, acquaintances, colleagues, managers, dealers and banks. The main disadvantage of this factor is that people are not always able to obtain adequate and reasoned advice. You ask why? Yes, because a friend or colleague to share except their own experiences. In this case you will not know all the "nuances" of his case, and not always what is good to him fit you personally. Managers recommends that dealers are generally the companies with whom they worked or the dealer or themselves. Therefore, the information available to the manager and the vendor may be very limited and one-sided, as there is personal interest in this man. The same applies to the loan officers of banks. Unfortunately, there are many examples where the bank manager does not provide objective information about the customer at the bank of accredited insurance companies or the nuances of a car loan program. Listen to the recommendation of someone else - the easiest way, the person calms himself that he advised people who know insurance better than him. And at the same time, it is not aware of the fact that in the event of a problem situation with the insurance company, this will be his personal problem, and it is unlikely it will help someone who has recently advised the company.
3) lack of experience in comprehensive insurance - insurance, like any other financial services, has its own peculiarities, its own nuances. But the imperfection of the Ukrainian legislation and the greed of some insurance companies make it a truly "virtual". Given the "issue price", the client understands that it is necessary to obtain the best conditions for the hull, but he wants to minimize the insurance payment. Not trusting himself to intermediaries and insurance companies, a person tries to self-assess the proposed conditions of insurance and the insurance company to make a choice. This is where many make and one of the most typical mistakes - look rating of insurance companies in Ukraine. They forget that the official statistics in our country for a long time will not give an objective and truthful information. Naturally, looking at the rating, the man cuts off a large number of insurance companies and selects the maximum of the first 10. The main disadvantage of this step is that the first ten leaders of the companies are not engaged in a classic vehicle insurance. They are used as optimizers tax, financial intermediaries in a variety of operations, etc. In doing so they have a very impressive performance, which confuses the inexperienced potential client. The problem is that we need to be able to "read" the rating of insurance companies, realizing on which indicators should pay attention to which ones have priority.
4) The choice of insurance for the price - the natural desire of all of us - to buy a cheaper service. So often we do not rational and economical choice, sacrificing certain options. For example, a person can choose a company with a lower tariff, paying no attention to the fact that under these conditions there is a separate deductible is the fault of the driver. It is clear that any person is not configured to fall in the incident, but he forgets that he can make a "guilty" in a crash on level ground. And then the insurance company will pay compensation for the disadvantage of higher deductibles. And it is likely that the increased deductible will override the difference of the insurance payment, which was saved in the insurance contract. A similar example is in regard to the conditions of night storage. Again, trying to save you, the customer buys the insurance, comprehensive insurance with limits of night storage car in the guarded parking lot. The only problem is that we have almost no parking, which would bear the real responsibility in case of theft of a vehicle from the parking lot. The negative occurs when an insurance company makes claims administration parking lot. That, in turn, argues that the car was not in the parking lot during the night. And often does a car owner has no real evidence that the car was standing in the parking lot. A more correct approach - to choose a package of necessary options, and then compare the cost of this insurance package in different companies.
5) ignore the rules of insurance - going back to the problem of lack of experience of people in relation to insurance, I want to mention one the most common problem. The maximum on that grabs the client - is to read the insurance contract. Then, as an integral part in most cases the insurance rules. This is the main document, a kind of compendium of all rules and conditions for car insurance, which operates an insurance company. So do not take into account the rules is very rash. Often insurance companies offer the customer to sign an insurance policy, which is just a simplified version of the insurance contract, respectively, contains only a squeezed from the insurance regulations. While many of the important things is completely painted only in the Rules of insurance. The client interprets certain terms in its sole discretion, without even knowing how it is spelled out in the Rules of insurance. Again, the situation is complicated by the fact that the rules of insurance include general concepts, or sometimes a long list of various limitations and exceptions. While in the contract of insurance are issued only certain things. Therefore, insuring a car, the customer should clearly understand what conditions it provides, and what the position of Insurance Regulation shall not apply to his contract. Summing up the writing, you can make a simple conclusion - we all make mistakes and that's fine. The main thing is that each of us tried to take into account the errors described and applied to insurance seriously. The price issue - not low. What does comprehensive insurance? CASCO - this is not an acronym, but an international legal term meaning, depending on the situation of a ship, aircraft or vehicle (casco - the side of the vehicle). Find out how much car insurance with comprehensive insurance rates for comprehensive insurance cues (rates Casco). Calculations to Use Casco is very simple - you vvoditite conditions casco (comprehensive insurance), some time will find the calculation of the cost of comprehensive insurance, comprehensive insurance rates. From these data, the agreement can order casco (comprehensive insurance on line) - Casco insurance cues. While the calculator is only Casco Casco in Kiev, very soon, you can book a cheap Casco in ukraine (ukraine Casco All of the Casco (Auto Casco, Casco auto insurance), Casco ukraine. CTP and comprehensive insurance, comprehensive insurance 4, Casco classic - it's all different kinds of policy Casco ( Casco zastrahovki). Zastrahovka Casco is important, because without your car comprehensive insurance will not return to the previous form when the insured event (theft Casco , Casco damage, mini- Casco ). Casco insurance, Casco payments (payment of comprehensive insurance, comprehensive insurance paid for) are carried out strictly according to the rules of comprehensive insurance.   The policy includes the Casco Casco discounts, comprehensive insurance premium, the rate of Casco ( Casco or rates), the cost of insurance and motor Casco insurance terms comprehensive insurance. Casco Kiev - The cost of comprehensive insurance depends on the company Casco insurance, comprehensive insurance policy type: full or partly Casco Casco. Rating avstostrahovanie Casco ua, Casco cues, full comprehensive insurance, as well as comprehensive insurance rating of insurance companies is made ​​by comparison of the Casco of the company: Orans Casco, Casco ROSNO, alpha , the guarantor of Casco, Casco tas, Ingosstrakh Casco . Before the insurance in one of these companies advise you to calculate the Casco , or at least read the reviews Casco ( Casco Forum, a popular Casco ), Casco rules, news and articles Casco ukraine. Here you can find the definition of Casco ( Casco transcript), that is, to know the answer to the question " Casco that is?". A comprehensive insurance auto stands for an international legal term meaning, depending on the situation of a ship, aircraft or vehicle. Calculate the cost of Casco insurance you can right here - online Casco, Casco kalkulator, the calculation of auto comprehensive insurance (the calculation of insurance comprehensive insurance). So you know Casco prices (Casco price). Thereafter, if desired, you can arrange to purchase comprehensive insurance and comprehensive insurance. The insurance company could provide comprehensive insurance services car insurance comprehensive insurance (car insurance Casco ), Casco vases, Casco on credit (car loan Casco, Casco loan, Casco cues). Casco insurance is very popular among customers and companies. Since demand creates supply. Insurance companies offer comprehensive insurance services as ukraine ukraine Casco and Casco soldier, made ​​the guarantor of comprehensive insurance, comprehensive insurance account. Consent Casco must be mutual, that is confirmed by the two legal parties. On the Casco can be read here, people who already have experience of Casco, and leave at least one comprehensive insurance review auto insurance comprehensive insurance. Strahuvannya Casco є efektivnim in our time, the policy Especially Casco - Casco Karpovna. Hull insurance insurance calculator can help you calculate the Casco (to calculate the Casco ), and buy insurance Casco (on the other - Autoinsurance Casco)

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